reel2Hollywood Pitcher was founded in 2015 by a group of Hollywood executives and producers looking for the next great movie/TV ideas. All members of the Hollywood Pitcher team have over 50 years combined experience working for some of the biggest movie studios and production companies in Hollywood (including Paramount, HBO, Warner Bros, Dreamworks and Lionsgate).

As a group of former Hollywood executives and producers, we know how hard it is for people outside the “Hollywood system” to get their ideas seen by people within the entertainment industry.

A New Way To Access Hollywood

camera2It’s almost impossible for an “outsider” to connect with major movie studios or production companies. And this has always been incredibly frustrating for us… you want to know why?

Because we understand this one important fact: most of the best movie and TV ideas come from people outside Hollwood, from people who are creative and inspired.

But until now it’s almost always been impossible to get a great new idea into Hollwyood.

It’s always been incredibly frustrating to know that there are thousands of great ideas out there just waiting to be turned into movies and TV shows. And the only thing that stops these ideas from seeing the light of day is getting those ideas into the hands of the right people.

This has always been a problem, that is, until now…

Pitch Your Idea To Producers And Studios

clipHollywood Pitcher was created with one goal in mind: to make it easy for people with great ideas to connect with Hollywood executives, producers, production companies and studios. Because let tell you this…

Hollywood is desperate for great ideas. In fact, they can’t get enough. Hollywood is always on the lookout for that next great movie or TV show. It’s what Hollywood does, all day, every day, and it’s been that way for over a century.

Therefore, we decided to pool all our resources and connections and create the largest directory of Hollywood executives, producers, production companies and studios who are dying to hear from you and see your ideas.

We created this service for two main reasons: (1) to help you connect your ideas to Hollywood and (2) to help Hollywood executives and producers find that next great idea. If we can accomplish this, then we’re happy.

It’s Time To Share Your Great Idea With The World

Our service was created with passion and the belief that there are thousands upon thousands of wonderful ideas out there, now it’s time for the whole world to know about your idea. It’s time to get connected with Hollywood.

From everyone here at Hollywood Pitcher, we wish you the very best with your career and stay creative!


Bill Sieger and Katy Thomas
~ Founders of Hollywood Pitcher




We are based on Wilshire Boulevard, CA 90211.

As an online company, we accept idea submissions from the United States and the rest of the world (our service is open to everyone with a great idea).

It is our policy not to accept any submissions, loglines, query letters or screenplays via mail. All material should be submitted via our online submissions service instead.